3-5-80, Padmashali Bhavan, Rajmohalla, Narayanguda, Hyderabad – 29.



( a branch of Akhila Bharatha Padmashali Sangham Regd No. 17/2017 )

About Padmashali's

1). About Padmashali Community:

               As Per the mythological history of Padmashali community, they are the progeny of Rushis. Padmashalis are spread over throughout India and are in great numbers in Central India and in bulk in the Central South India. The handloom weaving had been their hereditary occupation.

Firstly, the Historic Significance of the Padmashali Community is studied as per the Wikipedia as:

Ø  Padmashali                                      - Also Spelt as Padmasali.

Ø  Mainly Resides in                             - Telangana, A.P., Karnataka, Tamilnadu &  Kerala.                                                                 

Ø  Also Resides in                                  - Maharashtra, Odisha & Chattisgarh.

Ø  Classification                                    - Weavers.

Ø  Estimated Population                      - 120.00 Lakhs

Ø  Sub Divisions                                     - Based on Sampradaya

    ·         Shaiva

    ·         Vaishnava

Ø  Related Groups                                - Devanga, Patrulkarar, Pattariyaar & Saliya.


Ø  Based on Type of Cloth Weaved    - Kaikala, Karnabhakthulu, Pattusali & Senadhipathulu.


2). About Padmashali Hostel :

            Shri Guntaka Narsaiah Panthulu with an active cooperative of Shri Barrankela Ramachandraiah and Katakam Srirangam and others picked up courage to mobilise the Padmashali youth and for which there was encouragement from the Padmashali Stalwart Hakeem Dawat Janardhan Swamy. As a result of that “Nizam Rashtra Padmashali Yuvajana Sangham” was started by Sarvashri Barrenkala Ramachandraiah, Katakam Shrirangam, Nakka Venkata Swamy, engineer and Eldandi Ananthaiah, engineer and others.

Sri Konda Lakshman Bapuji was also one of the youth who participated in the conference. By that time, Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji was already in Legal Profession. He was also one of the Executive Committee members of the Akhila Bharata Padmashali Yuvajana Sangaham. Having undergone lot of troubles to get higher education, he was of the firm opinion that the education is the only way for the development of Padmashali community and there should be a shelter for the students coming from rural areas. Hence he proposed a resolution in that conference for promoting a Padmashali Hostel at Hyderabad.


              A memorable personality and a great philanthropist Shri Chilaka Mallaiah garu, a native of Sirsilla town who had migrated to Solapur promised a big donation of Rs.11,111/- for the construction of padmashali hostel at Hyderabad, to facilitate the students to go for higher education. This had given good encouragement to proceed further in that direction. The working committee of the Nizam Rashtra Padmashali held on 29th and 30th August, 1945 at Sircilla passed a resolution expressing its gratitude to Shri Chiluka Mallaiah for his magnanimous offer of donation. In the same meeting the issue of Padmashali Bhavan at Hyderabad was discussed and a resolution was adopted for “Bhavan Construction Committee” with Shri Konda Lakshman Bapuji as chairman and Shri Guntaka Narasiah Panthulu as secretary along with other 28 members.